Soalan peperiksaan online Penolong Pegawai Tadbir (PSEE) Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris N29, exam JPA / SPA

Contoh Soalan peperiksaan online Penolong Pegawai Tadbir (PSEE)  kefahaman bahasa inggeris


Contoh soalan kefahaman bahasa inggeris exam spa atau exam jpa:

1. Temperatures in almost all parts of the world will likely rise between now and April

A) despite the cooling influence of latest La Nina Weather phenomenon.

B) and occur every two to seven years, on average, but they don't occur on a regular schedule.

C) trade winds are even stronger than usual, pushing more warm water toward Asia.

D) supports more marine life and attracts more cold-water species, like squid adn salmon.

2. "Mike _______ eats meat" means he doesn't eat meat at any time habitually.

A) never

B) rarely

C) perhaps

D) hardly any

3. Our teacher gave us ____________ problem to solve.

A) a very impossible

B) a completely impossible

C) a partially impossible

D) an extremely impossible

4. Velocity is a physical vector quantitiy, both magnitude and direction _____________ to define it.

A) needed

B) are needed

C) were needed

D) need

5. Choose the best answer

Choose the correct spelling.

A) Pictureisque

B) Picturiesque

C) Picturezque

D) Picturesque

6. The orders were that we _______ the area within hours to prevent further loss of life. 

A) had evacuated 

B) have to evacuate

C) will have evacuated

D) had to evacuate

7. UNESCO has introduced an initiative whereby ________ young talented educators will receive scholarship to further their post-graduate studies at Oxford or Harvard.

A) up-and-about

B) up-and-coming

C) out-and-about

D) up-or-out

10. Some made-in-China products are ___________ as compared to our local-made products hence they can be sold at a much cheaper price.

A) cutting-edge

B) over the top

C) run-of-the-mill

D) bottom of the barrel

11. The __________ vessel named Knock Nevis had to_________the narrow ice channel.

A) five hundred-meters, squeeze in

B) five hundred-meter's, squeeze within

C) five hundred-meters, squeeze down

D) five hundred-metre, squeeze through


Vitamins are substances that the body needs to survive. Different kinds of vitamins provide the body with different benefits. For example, vitamin B helps the skin stay healthy. Teeth and bones need vitamin D. Vitamin K assists with making new blood.

Luckily for us, vitamins are commonly found in nature and in the food we eat. For example, milk and fish have large amounts of vitamin B12. Fruit and vegetables usually have some amount of vitamin C. Many people dont't have time or energy to eat healthy foods all the time. As a result, they need to take pills called multivitamins or vitamin supplements.

Several scientists and organizations are worried that people are taking too many vitamins. The World Health Organization (WHO) has told consumers that excessive vitamin A might cause birth defects. The National Cancer Institute found that people who took too much vitamin E had an increased risk of cancer. Some doctors have cautioned patients that taking excessive vitamin C can make people very sick. Scientists and health professionals have started to understand the reason for these problems. Bodies that are too full of one vitamin have no room for other vitamins.

Nutritionists say that the best way for consumers to avoid overdoing their vitamins is to eat healthier food. They recommended that vitamin purchasers get more information. For example, they advise using the internet to find out more about their own diets and what they really need. You should also consult with your doctor for advice on healthy eating. Finally, always read the package on any multivitamin to make sure it doesn't overload your body.

12) From paragraph 2, it can be inferred that

A) People take vitamins because they can't afford healthy food.

B) People can get nutrients by eating real food.

C) People rely solely on multivitamins to keep themselves heatlhy.

D) Multivitamins have the same nutrients as healthy food.




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